Digital banking & financial asset transactions 

The world of banking is going through an era of significant change as banks try to adapt to new technologies and a new generation of shifting customer expectations and regulatory initiatives.  The soaring demand for online and mobile alternatives for products and services has created a host of new digital ‘only’ banks that are able to respond to this market change.

The digital ‘only’ customer has a very different set of user experience requirements that leave the constraints of legacy and traditional banking behind. These new requirements focus much more on a vivid digital environment as well as transactional speed, decentralisation, transparancy and data security. Digital Banks are being forced to take a different approach to application and product development to ensure an early market advantage. This new era of banking combines the need to integrate multiple new technologies, modern software design principles, full digital user experiences, and enhanced security functionality all at the same time.

At Iceberg Creative we help our customers understand and believe in the power of the latest developments in financial technology to give their users experiences they didn’t think were achievable. We push the boundaries in the art of the possible to maximise the benefits and positive business outcomes and we have made it our mission to never make a promise that we can’t deliver on.

We understand that sometimes organisations have a gap in technical knowlede of immersive infrastructure and/or their in-house teams lack experience and this is the void that we fill. We stand for integrity and authenticity. We are driven by our passion for enabling technology to deliver on its promise and in helping our customers navigate the journey to digital banking and beyond. We deliver with excellence, compassion, and agility. We understand and appreciate technology. We adapt with care and consideration. We love doing business that serves a genuine positive purpose.

Our projects

LunaFi DeFi Platform: https://www.app.lunifi.io

DeFi platform for staking, yield farming and governance. This involved creating custom liquidity pool smart contracts to manage liquidity from users and involved complex calculations on bets, betting odds and winnings to provide profits for the liquidity providers. This also involved creating custom yield farms for in-house token, vesting contracts as well as for Quickswap and other Liquidity Pair tokens.

Front-end integration using React JS, Redux, Sagas and Ethers JS to provide blockchain integration with smart contracts as well as backend Rest APIs on AWS.

Deversifi – Starkware tech integration for DexStarkware
starkware.coDeversifi deversifi.com now called Rhino.Fi

Designed the architecture of a decentralised exchange to use Starkware which is Layer 2 Zero Knowledge Proof solution for scaling and adding privacy to Ethereum transactions. Build smart contracts for the decentralised exchange, integrate with Starkware smart contract using web3 on the front end. Implement decentralised authentication using Ethereum signatures. Implement signing and authentication for Starkware messages and signatures. Integrate with Starkware off-chain using Rest APIs. work on the backend microservices. Developing Rest APIs as well as integrating with 3rd Party Rest APIs for integration. integrated Metamask, Ledger, Wallet Connect, Argent and Authereum wallets with Deversifi.

Project Shivom, this project has been taken over by HLTH


Building an Ethereum blockchain-based data permission system.  Created a smart contract-based solution to store users’ permissions and allow users the ability to update permissions for their personal data use. This used a lot of Cryptography for encryption and decryption at various stages for security and anonymization of data

Tech Stack: React, NodeJS, React Native, GraphQL, PostgresSQL, Google Cloud as well as AWS, Ethereum Blockchain, ER20 tokens and solidity smart contracts.

Evai.io – Building the blockchain side of the Ratings platform

 This is a rating platform with a token for online utility as well as DeFi offerings like staking. This involved creation and launch of token smart contracts on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, and Bridge functionality between Binance and Ethereum. Liquidity Pool creation on Pancake Swap and integration of the front end with Pancake Swap. Creation of Staking smart contracts and integration with the front end and back end.

 Tech Stack: Ethereum and Binance Solidity Smart Contracts, Hardhat, Web3 JS, Ethers JS, React, Node JS, Redux, Express rest APIs.

Time Raiders: Blockchain, NFT + Gaming

TimeRaiders.io/ alphabit.fund/ utopian-game-labs.com

A blockchain and Gaming integration project. This involved the creation of smart contracts in solidity on Polygon for ERC20 tokens, Staking smart contracts for in-game reward distribution as well as NFTs for in-game assets. React JS, Ethers JS and Node JS were used for integrating blockchain in creating the DApp. Hardhat was used as tooling for creating, testing, debugging and deploying Solidity smart contracts. This also required the creation of backend components in NodeJs for wallet and address management as well as private security. AWS KMS and SecretManager for managing keys for custodial wallets.



  • Whitepaper consulting

  • MVP design & development

  • Full solution deployment

  • Team augmentation

  • Senior executive advisory


Nathan Revill, Co-founder & Director: Technology, FinTech

As co-founder of Iceberg Creative Nathan brings a wealth of experierncein software and engineering. During his 15 year career at Iceberg Creative he has overseen many traditional and immersive projects including solutions for the NHS, Ministry of Defence, Universities and Oil & Gas companies. Most recently Nathan built a development team to create a Crypto ratings platform that used Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learningh to rate digital assets in real time.

Nathan is a recognised thought leader on Mixed Reality technology.

Meer Ali, Chief Technology Officer

Ali has a vast array of experience spanning digital banking, fintech and blockchain application development. His recent Blockchain and Crypto projects have included LunaFi, BitHyve, DeveriFi and Project Shivom. 

Previously Ali held senior technology positions at leading global financial brands, including:

  • HSBC. Digital Delivery Lead. Part of the new Digital Banking platform. Delivered Origination and Credit Card journeys for Web and Mobile for UK market. Worked briefly for delivering Credit Card journeys in Hong Kong, Canada and Singapore market as well.
  • Santander. Engagement Manager for Technology, working with ISBAN Digital delivery teams in Milton Keynes and Spain.
  • RBS. Payments projects for Mobile payments delivering PayM and Low value payment journeys across all RBS brands: NatWest, RBS and Ulster.
  • Lloyds Banking Group. Senior PM in Simplifications Programme working on projects for enabling Origination journeys for Multi Channel Platform. Instant Activation of new accounts and user journeys for self help and enhanced interactive online support. Delivered projects for Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland


Stuart Paterson, Business Development Director, UAE

With a background in large scale project delivery in the Middle East that includes being a  co-Founder of Evai.io, and advisor to the bitcoin mining company 50Blocks and Chief Operating Officer at  The Rare Antiquities Token.

Stuart brings a wealth of knowledge around compliance, licencing, whitepaper design and tokenonomics.

Nathan Revill

Technology, Fin-Tech, Crypto

Director & Co-founder

Ali Meer

Chief Technology Officer

Stuart Paterson

Emirates Business Development Director