Immersive SOFTWARE

Immersive Training

Through induced stress and information overload, Project TRON is a VR training tool for commanders in the field to exercise critical decision making.

Bionic Arm & Leg

Working with Famulus Media for Bollywood film previsualisations, a Bionic Arm was produced to be overlayed onto a wounded soldier.

Croagh Patrick

For those who are not able to make the ascent, the VR climbing experience of Croagh Patrick aims to showcase the cultural heritage and pilgrimage journey to the mountaintop.

Digi Dori

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Multiplayer VR Portal

With an array of internal projects, Dorset Creative has put together a fully interactive environment where everyone can experience immersive VR simply by opening doors and entering new worlds.

NITE Watch

Taking e-commerce to the next level, accurate and detailed 3D models of watches are now in use for viewing online.

Immerse your users into a new reality

Iceberg Creative is already transforming the way businesses operate, reach new audiences, improve training and become more sustainable using Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Robotic Simulation and 3D imagery.

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Virtual Reality

Iceberg Creative delivers immersive, 3D experiential journeys that take users to the next level with interactive, graphic-rich VR experiences.

We work with our clients to create a concept, produce the 3D assets, and build an experience in Unity or Unreal, ready for deployment to gain high-level engagement and exceptional buy-in from end-users. 

These near real-life experiences evoke real emotion and presence, causing personal and memorable involvement for all. Experienced through a headset, VR simulates the human senses of sight, sound, and touch in particular, creating experiences that reflect or supersede the real world.

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Augmented reality

Sharing many of the same techniques used in VR creation, we create AR that allows users to superimpose digital interactive elements with the real world. Mixing the real and the virtual, our AR experiences enable users to be immersed in an entirely new way. 

Enhancing the world around us gives users practical access to larger amounts of content or information and allows them to explore and access them, encouraging inquisitive human nature and a sense of play through intuitive exploratory content, proven to greatly enhance experiential products or services.

  • RTransform your brand/service into vividly memorable experiences
  • RSpeeding up the learning process and increasing retention of knowledge while reducing costs
  • RSignificantly accelerate product design and development processes and get your products to market in less time
  • RRetain and attract top talent
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Simulation technology

Used when reality proves ineffective in training because of inaccessibility or risk, simulations provide the delivery of controlled environments, either manually or by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to exercise scenarios largely unavailable or costly. We work with experts in their field as immersive technology specialists to build mathematical models to simulate real-life situations on-screen, via mobile, or VR/AR. 

Iceberg Creative develop virtual, augmented, or mixed reality software platforms for simulation to engage users in immersive content.

Developing for desktop, touchscreen, VR/AR headsets or smartphones, we build your simulation technology software with our expert team of Unity3D & Unreal Developers, 3D artists & animators, and senior development team who bring Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) together to build mathematical models that simulate real-world situations in the virtual world

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