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It is impossible to ignore the new generation of infrastructure, such as the Metaverse, that is shaping how users engage in communication, perform financial transactions and visualise the Web. The new Infrastructure facilitates existence beyond our reality. Forward-thinking organisations are already striving to take advantage of this new technological advancement. 

Iceberg Creative is helping organisations make the new infrastructure commercially viable, multi-sensory, interoperable and secure. 


Iceberg Creative will help you create a stunningly realistic 3D digital environment where your audience can purchase and sell goods and services, sign and enforce smart contracts, recruit and train talent, and interact with customers and communities. The Metaverse combines Immersive technology to transform experiences that allows people to take their profiles, currencies, experiences and assets anywhere they wish. 

In the metaverse, users, could put on a virtual reality (VR) headset and visit a hospital, factory, or any location on the other side of the world. They will see and touch its machines, communicate and even shake hands with the local employees and inspect its business functions and operations without leaving their desks. The use cases and applications for the Metaverse are only limited to the imagination. The Metaverse has left the Board Room as. a cool innovation to becoming a present-day reality. Trying on clothes virtually in a virtual shop and paying for them virtually is already being done by many young consumers around the world. 

  • REnrich customer and patient experiences
  • RLaunch virtual services and products only available on the Metaverse
  • RReach new audiences and accelerate payments
  • RCommercial flexibility
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WEB 3.0

The new Web 3.0 internet brings artificial intelligence to every organisation. Web 3.0 is more tailored to use technologies like machine learning and AI to provide relevant content for each user instead of just the content other end users have provided. The traditional Web enables users to contribute and sometimes collaborate with websites but Web 3.0 will turn these activities over to the semantic web and AI technologies and with much higher levels of security.

Web 3.0 consists of the following five notable features:

  • RIntroduce Smart contracts
  • RImprove security and compiance
  • RImproved customer relations
  • RIncreased accountability
  • RDecentralized data
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The power of Blockchain enables users to share data in fast and secure ways without any one entity having to take responsibility for safeguarding the data or facilitating the transactions.

  • RCreate financial trust between users
  • RDecentralised environment
  • RImproved security and privacy
  • RVisibility and traceability
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