Software Development

Unlock the true potential of software

We help our customers understand and believe in the power of the latest developments in technology, to enable them to give their users experiences they didn’t think were achievable.

We push the boundaries in the art of the possible to maximise the benefits and positive outcomes. We have made it our mission to never make a promise that we can’t deliver on.

We stand for integrity and authenticity. We are driven by our passion for enabling technology for good. We deliver with excellence, compassion, and agility. We understand and appreciate the technology itself. We adapt with care and consideration. We love doing business that serves a genuine positive purpose.

Business Applications

From bespoke business portals and enterprise-strength mobile apps to transforming legacy system integration, we create end-to-end software that improves your workflows, processes, and user experiences.

Off-the-shelf solutions are often templates that do not provide your users with the uniqueness or specific engagement that your brand stands for.  Spiralling license renewal costs and increased administration overhead are making it difficult to ignore the power of tailored business application development.

  • RDesigned for your business
  • RSeamless continuous improvement
  • RNo more recurring license and support fees
  • RCommercial flexibility
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Mobile Apps

Iceberg Creative are not only expert’s in Mobile App development, but in the whole staged process from idea generation, specification and design to iterative development and quality testing. Our award-winning team will build your App completely from scratch or work from your existing plans. Our experienced team work in an agile way, releasing iterations in short cycles, gathering feedback and improving the software until we get the result you’re after. Launching your App is only the start of the story. You need to work with your audience and their changing tastes. Our App development service will build your App with full analytics tracking so you can watch the downloads and user behaviour in real-time. You’ll be able to make informed tweaks to keep your customers thirsty for more.

  • RProven agile development methodology
  • RApps available on all devices helping you reach all audiences
  • RCreate personalised experiences
  • RVery quick returns on investment
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Our Moodle learning platform boasts a user-centric design to allow learners to acquire new skills, training and information that will take their learning to the next level. Connections to peers from any device mean learners easily collaborate in a user-friendly, self-directed platform.

Tutors can track learning and development with built-in insights, visual metrics and reporting tools. This allows easy identification of improvement areas for individual learners or across a cohort, so they can provide the right support to unlock learner potential. Our Moodle service offers flexible ways for learners to engage with content and receive feedback on their assessments, created for each course, module, or programme.

  • RFast, secure and stable
  • RStreamline onboarding
  • RReduce Learning & Development costs
  • RRealtime reporting & analytics on performance
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