team augmentation

Accelerate timelines, reduce risk, improve quality with our experts on your team

In today’s global recruitment crisis it is even more crucial to have a partner that can provide a dedicated development team to be part of your project. Software development is now a geographically dispersed commodity that creates risk and extra cost. By deploying a dedicated Iceberg Creative team as part of your development project you will be able to scale resources, have access to a wide range of skills and technologies, and have no recruitment costs which gives you the freedom to focus on what matters most – your business.

Positive Business Outcomes


The component that separates your business from your competition is your processes and workflows. Standard software solutions are often too rigid and over-complex to deploy and adopt. By implementing a business application that is 100% designed to your specific business needs and operations then you are free to focus energy on end-user experience, and engagement that ultimately drives performance and efficiency gains.

  • seamless continuous improvement

Having a tailored business application that has been designed specifically for your users creates a culture of improvement that off-the-shelf software companies can not adapt to. Being in control of your own application destiny enables your users, teams, and stakeholders to quickly identify and implement improvement changes without waiting for lengthy vendor product request changes (if they actually are made).

  • no more recurring licensing fees

Software companies are notorious for driving per user license recurring license fees and high charges for annual support and maintenance. This can cause challenges and budgeting issues as your business has peaks and troughs in user count and planning whether from mergers and acquisitions, redundancy, market growth, or simply from a digital transformation program.

Bespoke business application development eliminates license fees with the added benefit of Intellectual Property ownership providing increased asset value.

  • commercial flexibility

Working with Iceberg Creative provides you with additional flexibility in financial planning and procurement. Our agile approach extends not only to software development but also to project investment planning. To discuss our different commercial options please contact us.