Podcast: The Virtual World: Episode 6 – How will the Metaverse bridge the Teraverse? Guest, Chris Gabriel from Sapphire Systems

In this episode of ‘The Virtual World’ Nigel has invited his dear friend and inspirational technology leader, Chris Gabriel, Chief Strategy Officer at Sapphire Systems. The two discuss how the two worlds of the Metaverse and the Teraverse come together in business and how leaders can maximise efficiency via ‘MOP’s’ and ‘MOM’s’ while producing incredible levels of human customer engagement. Chris provides fabulous insights into how software vendors are thinking about the Industrial Metavese and shares real world examples of how Sapphire Systems customers are deploying ‘Meta Workers’.

If you have #SAP #ServiceNow #AutomationAnywhere then you must listen to this episode.

About Chris: With over 3 decades in the technology sector and a senior international marketing career working for major infrastructure companies such as Cabletron/Enterasys and global system integrators such as Logicalis Chris is one of the leading authorities on how businesses transform and leverage business systems. He is passionate about process and automation