Energy Advice Tool

Energy saving Web app

The online Energy Advice tool can help any Surrey resident with their energy use. Answer a short series of questions and we’ll provide you with information tailored to your personal circumstances. Based on the answers you give, you will receive information on grants, support and advice and non-financial help on a range of topics.

Software development

web app design

public welfare support

The team remained passionate and committed about what they were delivering throughout the project. The way the team interacted with us and each other meant that we delivered a great product that was fully accessible.

To support our residents with the Cost-of-Living crisis, we wanted to create an application that provided advice on where to find help. With extremely tight timelines, we engaged Iceberg to help us deliver our product. Throughout design, development, testing and delivery, the team stayed on track and pulled out all the stops to complete the application on time and to the highest standard. We are delighted with the result.

- Surrey County Council

With the further increase of energy bills, the Greener Futures team wanted to create an application that provides residents with information on funding and grants, support and advice, and non-financial assistance, for people right across the spectrum to include those struggling with fuel poverty to those able to pay. The application is designed as part of a joined up multi-organisational comms campaign, which aims to reach as many residents as possible through SCC, D&Bs, charities, community groups etc to maximise uptake of available funding for decarbonisation measures whilst supporting as many vulnerable residents as possible.

The purpose of the application is to help residents to determine what financial and non-financial support is available to them to support them.  It allows us to provide advice to people who are suffering fuel poverty on things like: how to put a freeze on debt or get a grant to pay it off, where to get fuel vouchers, where additional services like clothes banks are. And on top of that there will be larger grants such as the LAD3 scheme which will fully fund insulation retrofitting, PV installation etc based on EPC rating and income bracket.

For residents at the ‘able-to-pay’ end of the spectrum it will provide advice on where they can take up schemes which provide economy of scale or match-funding etc, to help cut bills in the long term, whilst helping achieve Surrey’s decarbonisation targets.


The scope included creation of an online application that is developed and hosted externally on behalf of Surrey County Council.  Surrey County Council wanted to be able to add, remove and amend support options that are available to residents based on the criteria they enter.  It needed to be possible to embed or link to the application via the Surrey County Council website as well as third party websites such as District & Borough Councils within Surrey and Charitable organisations

The application needed to be a data driven application, whereby criteria is entered into a form, and when submitted it will return applicable results based on the criteria entered.

The application required:

  • User Interface whereby residents can enter criteria
  • Consumption of an EPC API
  • Database where support options can be added, amended and removed by the Greener Futures team
  • The ability to return the support results based upon criteria entered
  • The ability to email results
  • The ability to save & print results
  • Database where data can be stored for quantitative reporting purposes