Winner of Best in Emerging Technology with The “Three Dimensional Security Vigilance System” (TSVS)

Wirehive 100 WINNING entry – Best Use of Emerging Technologies 2019

Using modern technology such as Long-Distance 6-DOF motion detection with one-Dimensional laser sensors and mixing with virtual reality (VR), we present a service that could help society, private and public sectors change the way see through “cameras”.. Using the combination of point-cloud system and Virtual reality we give the opportunity to navigate on the real world in real-time or a specific moment in time, helping, for example, the private sectors investigate scenes giving the opportunity to go back in time and study what occurs in that events.

More about the award

Nathan Revill, CEO of Iceberg Creative commented, “We have used disruptive, emerging technologies to make a new product which will help better the quality of and/or save lives. The “Three Dimensional Security Vigilance System” (TSVS) uses long-distance 6-DOF motion detection with one-dimensional laser sensors mixing with virtual reality (VR), meaning our disruptive innovation has created a new service that changes the way we “see” through cameras. With the combination of the point-cloud system and VR, we give the user the opportunity to virtually navigate the real world in real time – or, a specific moment in time – being immersed into the 3D world that surrounds them, whilst hearing the accompanied audio too. This disruptive product can help special forces personnel navigate in real time a crime scene (e.g. gunman intruder at a school site) to save real lives of potential victims, whilst reducing risk to life of front line military or law enforcement personnel to almost zero. Or, it can enhance the quality of life of Alzheimer’s sufferers, enabling them to relive a memory again and again by being totally immersed, giving them the high intensity impact of a real life experience for a second, third, fourth time. Our initial approach was to improve existing CCTV technology, but by working with the new and emerging technologies of point-cloud, we have been able to make a real difference and disruption, because now, with the set up of only 3 cameras, multiple cloud points can recreate the real-time world virtually, or go back in time as though it is happening right now with a fully immersive experience – giving so many disruptive applications across industries and consequently, a new market value. Now, our focus is to apply the technology to sectors where it will have the most impact for the good of society. We want to work with the existing processes to conduct a thorough review the existing technology available and in-use in these industries – such as law enforcement – to digitally transform and disrupt their use of technology through the introduction and application of TSVS, to make the world a safer place to be.”

Media Contact:

Rowena Revill