Schedule your free consultation with our award-winning XR Development team. 

Our XR Accelerators has been designed for the quick and fixed cost deployment of a virtual reality or augmented reality proof of concept.

Our XR Accelerators can be used to: 

  • Gain stakeholders buy-in 
  • Test with user groups to measure proof of concept effectiveness 
  • Prove commercial viability before full production deployment 
  • Support the quantifiable business case  
  • Understand the art of the possible 

The XR Accelerator will help bring your idea to life affordably and quickly. Our multi award-winning team have designed a process and set of deliverables accumulated from developing many mixed reality projects.

    The XR Accelerator will help you maximise the positive business outcomes in the areas of:

    • Improving user engagement for training and development 
    • Transforming your brand experiences 
    • Accelerating product design and development 
    • Talent retention and people development 
    • Increase health and safety awareness 
    • Innovation

    Our XR team has the perfect blend of talents to make your mixed reality experience perform at its highest potential from design, user experience, deep technical knowledge, and testing. 

    You dream. We create. 

      The Process

      • Project kick-off meeting.
      • Discovery Workshop: translating your dream into a set delivery scope by understanding the business problem in detail, developing the success criteria to measure the success of the project, creating wireframes and storyboards, and documenting all ideas.
      • Create the user journey: deliver the storyboard and wireframes that are refined until approved and signed off.
      • Develop the design: refined until approved and signed off.
      • Full deployment functionality specification including timescales and costs.
      • Design and develop 3D modelling, and animation with regular visual updates.
      • Test the XR app.
      • Delivery of the proof-of-concept solution.
      • Report detailing the steps to take the proof-of-concept through to a minimum viable product stage, including timescales and estimated costs.


      Mixed Reality headset (several hardware options available) with the XR application installed with:

      • Company branding including logo, company colours and fonts
      • Branded loading room where a user begins the experience that includes:
        • Guide on how to use the controllers
        • Option to view company video(s) within the app
        • Ambient audio
        • Button/lever/menu item to enter the experience.
      • Off-the-shelf 3D models built for XR and 2 custom small/medium size and detailed models 
      • 1 x experience that allows the user to perform 1-2 simple tasks/processors 
      • 1 day training and user experience support 

              What you can expect from a consultation with Iceberg Creative:


              We will dedicate as much time as is needed

              We understand and respect that you have dedicated time and energy into your idea.


              Explore the art of the possible

              We want to ensure that you consider all of the latest technology to maximise your end-user experience.


              A fixed price estimate for your idea

              Leveraging our proven experience, we will give you an estimate of the investment to bring your dream to life!